Top questions from investors in October 2019 – Answered by Kairi

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Hi there! I’m Kairi and I joined Bondora more than six years ago in 2013 when there were fewer than ten people in the company. Today, Bondora has around 83,000 investors (this number is growing daily) from 85 countries all around the world who’ve invested more than €290M. 

Starting as an assistant, I’ve worked across several departments within Bondora, and I’m now leading our Investor Associate’s team. We strive to give first-class customer service to all of our investors. Here’s a little overview of the commonly asked questions during October. Happy reading.

1. What are the best ways to get more information online about Bondora?

The easiest way to get answers about Bondora and your account is to check our Support Guide, which recently had a revamp.

Bondora Support

From there you can easily find answers to most commonly asked questions by our investors.

Also, I’d recommend to follow our social channels Bondora Facebook page, Instagram page and Twitter for exciting news and updates information, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly videos, interviews and overviews about the platform. 

Chief happiness officer - Bondora

Meet Urmas! Chief Happiness Officer at Bondora

Last but not least, keep following our Blog. Here, you’ll find overviews on portfolio performance, the latest stats, and platform updates. And if that’s not your thing, we write about interesting popular culture topics, and even more exciting industry news. I think it’s a place everyone can learn from to be more in-the-know when it comes to finance.

2. Is there any way to send money between/merge my two Go & Grow Accounts?

Yes! Last week we came out with a new feature which lets you send money internally between your Go & Grow accounts ― great news for everyone who has more than one Go & Grow account. Now, you have more flexibility in managing your Go & Grow account. To check out this cool feature, log on to your account and find the new section on your main menu called Statements.

Go and grow statement

To send money from one Go & Grow account to another:

1 – First, click on a Go & Grow account you would like to send money from

2 – Next, choose the account to send money to

Go and grow transfer

3 –  Type in the amount and confirm. It’s that easy!

Money will be sent to the account you chose immediately and without any extra fees.

This is just one of the many cool features Statements has to offer, so check it out and let us know how you like it. Here’s a little sneak peak of it if you haven’t yet seen it…

GG statements

Again, this was one of the ideas that was submitted via Wishlist earlier this year. So, feel free to submit your idea as well – we’d love to get your help to create a better platform for all our investors.

3. I signed up using a referral link. When will the bonus be paid to me?

All bonuses will be paid out within 20 days after the initial 30-day period on platform is over, according to the terms of the referral program. For example, if you signed up on the 1st of October then the bonus is calculated on 30/10/2019 and will be paid to your Bondora account within the next 20 days. For more details, please double-check the exact terms that apply from the Terms and Conditions, below the ‘Invite Friends’ page.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us—our team is happy to assist you in any way. You can email us at [email protected] or (during business hours, Mo-Fr: 9–17 EET) reach us by phone at +44 1568 6300 06.