By choosing to use the Go&Grow account and accepting the Terms of Use of Go&Grow (the “GG-Terms”), you authorise a series of purchases and sales of claim rights (arising from loans issued by Bondora AS) between Bondora Capital OÜ (“us”) and you. Among other:

  • you may allocate the claim rights you have acquired on bondora.com to your Go&Grow account, provided the claim rights comply with the GG-Terms and you accept the value of the claim rights as determined by us;
  • all funds allocated to the Go&Grow account will be used to buy claim rights in accordance with the GG-Terms. You will not be able to select the specific claim rights you acquire;
  • you will sell your claim rights to us. The selling price will be determined and capped according the GG-Terms. The selling price will be paid upon your request, provided that your claim rights can be sold on immediately. In case the other users of Go&Grow accounts do not have the sufficient funds, the payment of the selling price will be postponed and made in parts if and when the necessary funds become available.
  • A fee of 1 euro is applicable each time you request payment of the selling price (or a portion of it).


No reliance on past performance: although our statistical analysis indicates that using the Go&Grow account should earn you an annualized rate of return of 6.75%, the analysis is based on past performance of similar claim right portfolios and therefore it does not guarantee that similar performance will continue in the future.

No guarantee: any assets allocated to the Go&Grow account are not guaranteed by any state fund or otherwise secured.

Possible reduction of value: the value of the claim rights transferred to your Go&Grow account as determined by us may be smaller than the amount you may receive upon resale of the claim right to other users of bondora.com or the amount you may receive from the borrower.

Smaller and capped profits, if any: the possible profits from using the Go&Grow account may be smaller than the profits from using the same funds to otherwise acquire claim rights through bondora.com. Further, the maximum rate of return from using the Go&Grow account is 6,75% per year.

Possibility of no growth in assets and a risk of loss: while the possible profits from using the Go&Grow account are capped, no profit is guaranteed. Further, as you are buying and selling claim rights against borrowers, the possible profit will ultimately depend on how properly the borrowers fulfil their payment obligations. Therefore, it is also possible that you will make a loss: the amount of money you will receive from using your Go&gGrow account may be less than the amount of money and claim rights you have allocated to the Go&Grow account.

Restricted transfer of assets: you cannot sell, transfer, encumber or otherwise dispose of the claim rights or funds on your Go&Grow account, other selling the assets to us on the conditions set forth in the GG-Terms.

Less control: you cannot sell any singular claim right registered on your Go&Grow account – you may only sell a specific percentage of your choice or all of your claim rights on the Go&Grow account exclusively to us. You cannot determine the price at which you buy or sell the claim rights at your discretion – both prices are determined in accordance with the GG-Terms and by accepting the GG-Terms you approve such prices.

Possible delays in payments: in case other users of Go&Grow accounts do not immediately have sufficient funds to purchase your claim rights from us, the payment of the selling price to you will be delayed for an unknown period until sufficient funds become available. Therefore, the use of the Go&Grow account is not comparable to a deposit or investment account, since it may not be possible to liquidate assets or withdraw funds immediately, nor is the preservation of value allocated to the Go&Grow account guaranteed.

Possible abuse by assigned users of the Go&Grow account: in case you authorise any person to get access to your account, their actions will be regarded as yours. If you give such a person the right to withdraw funds from your account, they may transfer those funds to their own account and you will be liable to pay taxes on the profits (if any).

Taxes: we have analysed the possible tax implications of using the Go&Grow account under Estonian law, however, you are solely responsible for declaring and paying taxes correctly. Taxation will depend on your specific circumstances. Therefore, we recommend to consult an expert.

The above does not include all obligations, restrictions and risks of the Go&Grow account. Please read the GG-Terms carefully and consult an expert.

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